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Welcome to babelize.org - pppd-sql

pppd-sql is a plugin for the Point-to-Point server (pppd) on Linux and Solaris which adds an authentication backend using a MySQL or PostgreSQL database for Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP) and Password Authentication Protocol (PAP). It supports MS-CHAPv1 and MS-CHAPv2 too. The IPCP negotiation after authentication handshake is also supported.

Why did you start this project?

I was seeking for a common way to integrate poptop with ppp and MySQL. Also I want to learn some basics of using the MySQL C-API and because of that I added PostgreSQL support too.

What exactly is pppd-sql?

It is a plugin for the PPP server which adds database authentication support.

What is needed?

Below you find a list of things which are required to run pppd-sql successfully.

1. You need ppp >= 2.3.10 and for compiling pppd-sql the header files.
2. You need mysql >= 4.1.7 and for compiling pppd-sql the header files.
3. You need postgresql >= 8.1.1 and for compiling pppd-sql the header files.
4. You need openssl >= 0.9.7 and for compiling pppd-sql the header files.

What should i download?

Download the most recent version of pppd-sql here. If you want an older version take a look at the download directory. Notice: The version 0.1.0 was the first public release. The changelog can be found here.

Size: 0.32 mb
Size: 0.23 mb

How do i install it?

Installation is simple, just follow the steps below. pppd-sql uses autoconf and automake to detect and setup a working built environment.

1. Download pppd-sql-0.8.0.tar.gz from above.
2. tar xzf pppd-sql-0.8.0.tar.gz && cd pppd-sql-0.8.0
3. ./configure && make && make install

How to get bleeding edge sourcecode?

If you are crazy enough you can test the development version. When asked for a password, just hit enter. A directory named 'pppd-sql' will be created.
svn co https://babelize.org/svn/pppd-sql/trunk pppd-sql
You can later update your sources by saying
svn update pppd-sql
You can view the subversion repository at